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How Should Kitchen Planning Be?

How Should Kitchen Planning Be?

We frequently visit our kitchen, which is our indispensable stop during the day. The kitchen is the part of our home where we cook, eat, and generally socialize with family and friends. What we expect from a kitchen, whether small or large, is that it should be clean, spacious and beautiful to our eyes. In this case, people are wondering how kitchen planning should be . This special part of our home is supposed to be the place where we sometimes relax and sometimes enjoy. It is not at all difficult to make our kitchen stylish as we feared. When making a kitchen floor plan, the wall where the glass is located, the wall that will be considered dead, and the area of ​​large white goods such as refrigerators should be determined according to the square meter of the kitchen. To increase the usable area of ​​a small kitchen, the idea of ​​cabinet to ceiling should be the first method that comes to mind. Yes, tall cabinets can hold many items, but their colors should be balanced and not overwhelmed by dark colors. The light colors of these kitchens will provide a very spacious appearance.


Small Kitchen Planning

In a small kitchen, under the counter should be used at full capacity, and white goods such as dishwashers and ovens (for small kitchens, multifunctional microwave ovens and turbochargers should be preferred, under the counter should be used. If the dining area is used as a short side counter and a table that can be opened and closed, it should be opened from above. A wing that goes down and stools will allow us to use our kitchen fully and efficiently. The most important criterion when placing the kitchen is to keep heat-emitting products away from the cooler. Do not forget to place items that are exposed to water, such as the sink and dishwasher, at arm’s length. The answer to the question of what kitchen planning should be is generally about the dining room and We prefer a set to separate the kitchen from each other. The elegance and usefulness of the set you put together is a must for the appearance of your dining room and kitchen! Letting light into your kitchen and being in a bright environment while cooking will bring spaciousness to your kitchen. You can take the first step by placing the sink in front of the kitchen window. Choosing a triangular shape for the sink, stove and refrigerator locations will make your kitchen more functional and stylish. You can contact our architecture office for kitchen planning .

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