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Important Elements of Hotel Lighting

Important Elements of Hotel Lighting

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hotel; The hotel’s interior architecture provides a positive energy for the guests staying there. The lighting of the hotel is one of the most important factors reflecting the quality of this interior architecture. Among the things to consider in hotel lighting is choosing the right lighting that reflects the furniture design and architectural concept. Hotels specialized for winter holidays may prefer lighting in dim and yellow tones in order to offer a warmer and more friendly ambience to their customers. On the other hand, hotels prepared for summer holiday visitors prefer lighting in much brighter and colder tones. Frequent points used for different functions in hotel interior design may require different types of lighting.

Lobby Lighting

The lobby is one of the first common spaces where hotel guests get a feel for the hotel’s architecture. In this regard, lobby lighting should be bright enough for guests who want to spend time at the hotel to socialize easily and warm enough to feel at home. Since the impression made when you first enter the hotel is important, the right lighting products must be chosen at these points.

Room Lighting

It is important to choose the lighting options of hotel rooms that will relax the guests without tiring their eyes. The best choice for this would be to use colors close to yellow. Many guests retire to their hotel rooms at the end of the day to relieve fatigue, and the lighting products to be used must be designed to provide this comfort to their guests. There are many different lighting products that can be preferred in the hotel room, and the lighting products used at the bedside must be capable of providing comfortable reading and working opportunities. Lighting units, which should be designed in accordance with the number of people staying in the hotel room, should be controllable with the help of different switches according to individual needs. Care should be taken to ensure that recessed lighting units, wall lighting, lampshades and table lamps, which are most frequently used for design purposes in the room, are compatible with the room design . Different architectural designs are very important as complementary products to the decoration of rooms. Lighting units, which should be used in accordance with the size of the hotel rooms, should be chosen in yellowish tones or warm white colors that will allow guests to relax.

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