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Things to Consider in Restaurant Design

Things to Consider in Restaurant Design

Restaurant design requires more detailed consideration than decorating a house or room. In addition to creating a stylish design, it is also important to create details that will satisfy customers. The colours, decor, lighting and music used should all attract customers to the restaurant. Small details such as smell, heating and ventilation are also included in the restaurant design . Complete success will be achieved with a design that reflects the quality of the service provided by the restaurant.

Color and Lighting

It is known for certain that colors affect human psychology and help reveal some emotions. It is recommended to use vibrant colors such as red and yellow in the food industry. Especially its red color helps increase appetite. Colors are the first thing you should pay attention to in restaurant design . Red and its shades can be preferred when choosing walls, tables and chairs. The harmony of vibrant and contrasting colors is suitable for smaller and cute businesses. For a stylish restaurant design, it is recommended that color transitions be soft and harmonious. Lighting is an important part of the design. Instead of lighting from a single center, lighting spread across the wall should be preferred. Lighting will make the space look more lively and stylish. There is an important connection between smell and appetite. In a restaurant, the smell of the place is as important as the presentation of the food. A stylish design should be complemented with a matching scent.

Space Design

The location of toilets is very important in the design of a restaurant. Tables should not be opposite the toilet and should not disturb customers. Additionally, automatic toilet doors and hygiene will complete the design. The items to be used in decorating a restaurant are tables and chairs. Regardless of whether it is a classical or modern design, the items must be of a suitable size for the space. What you need to pay attention to when designing a restaurant is to ensure that the space is spacious and does not feel stuffy. Considering the comfort of the customer, chairs should be comfortable and useful as well as stylish. In addition to the visible design of the space, the kitchen design in the interior is also important. The kitchen area where meals are prepared for customers must be appropriately designed to provide fast service. The kitchen should be large enough to prepare meals quickly.

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