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What You Need to Know About Dressing Room Designs

What You Need to Know About Dressing Room Designs

Dressing room is one of the most common areas in new homes. You can design functional dressing rooms to suit your own taste, which refresh the master bedrooms and do not require additional wardrobes, thus making the bedroom look simple and stylish. For this, you can read the rest of our article, which offers you different design ideas for what you want to do, depending on the width of the dressing rooms.


  • It is possible to design small dressing rooms to be both functional and stylish. To do this, you must first determine what you need. You can start by designing appropriate compartments according to the amount of your clothes. For example, if your suits make up most of your clothing, appropriate top-pull sections can be designed. In this way, you will be able to easily access the suits you have hung up high and you will also be able to use the above sections appropriately. You can get support from our architects who are experts in furniture design .
  • With the units with drawers that you can use in small dressing rooms, you can design sections that both provide space advantage and enable your belongings to be stored in an orderly manner.
  • Small shelves and compartments suitable for both your sweaters and t-shirts in your dressing room will be lifesaving.

  • The most important thing you need to know when designing a dressing room is the color selection of shelves and units. Since areas where clothes are dense can often be very dusty, choosing light colors that will not show dust will help you create cleaner and more spacious areas.
  • In small dressing rooms, it is important to use every area functionally and effectively. For this reason, you can even use the spaces below and design these parts as shoe storage sections.
  • Narrow and long spaces can be designed to store your items such as ironing boards. This will not only prevent your belongings from being seen in your home, but will also give you the opportunity to store them in areas that will make you forget their existence, even in the dressing room.
  • Even though dressing rooms are sometimes very large, areas that are not well designed for use will not meet your needs. Since each individual’s clothing style and density varies, it would be more appropriate for dressing rooms to be designed by the person who will use them in order to be more effective.
  • The uppermost areas in the dressing room can be used as shoe racks, or they can be designed as suitable sections to store your belongings such as bed linen.
  • You can design the entrances to the dressing room with doors made of materials such as screens. This will make the space more effective and look stylish.
  • You can place a pouffe designed with six drawers in the middle of the dressing room, depending on the width of the area. This will give you both elegance and a function that allows you to sit comfortably while dressing. The drawers you can design under the pouf will also give you the opportunity to store many of your belongings.

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